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Rabbit Programming Cable

amming Cable

Click to expandTired of plugging in and unplugging the Rabbit programming cable?


  • Toggle switch to set Run/Program mode.
  • Reset button allows you to reset/reboot the rabbit without disconnecting power.
  • Develop your entire program without unplugging the programming cable.
  • Easier to use Serial Port A for program debug info, using your own code or with Dynamic C printf redirection.


  • 10 foot Cable. (4ft cable to rabbit, 6ft to RS232 port)
  • Box is approx 1" x 2.25" x 3.38"
  • Works with Rabbit 2000 and 3000.

You can now leave the cable attached to the rabbit during development and debug. Using Dynamic C or RFU, download your program, flip the switch to Run mode, and the Rabbit will reboot and run. The Reset button can also be used to reboot the Rabbit, without flipping the toggle switch.

Allows you to write debug information out of serial port A (programming connector) without changing connectors from program to diagnostic connector. Write debug information to serial Port A using your own libraries or with the latest Dynamic C (using printf redirection you can now get your printf statemenntf statements to any terminal without changing cables).

Cable is availabe from stock.

If you are interested contact us.

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