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Test Systems

Test Fixtures and h2>Test Fixtures and Actuators

Test fixtures to measure, hold, clamp, insert and seat terminal retainers and test wire harnesses have been built for relatively low production rates to over 1 million parts per year.

Fixtures that are required to cycle a switch for a number of actuations have been built and delivered. By careful design of the system dynamics, the test times have been reduced and reliability improved by 10X compared to that of other mechanisms.

Circuit Card Test Fixtures

Design and build test "bed of nails" using "pogo" pins and a circuit card drill program to automatically build a CNC Mill program to drill "pogo" pin layout.

Computer generated test programs will run on low cost PC's with a low cost hardware interface.

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Touchscreen Control of Circuit Card Test

A Z-World touchscreen with an optically coupled interface card is used to test circuit cards. A touchscreen can perform an automatic sequence of tests or an individual test simply by pressing a button on the screen. The circuit test data is available on the touchscreen's serreen's serial port, which can be connected to a PC and used to log the test data. The data indicates which card was tested, the test conducted, results, a total test result and a serial number.

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Wire harness Test Systems

Wiring harness test systems are designed on a to-order basis. These systems utilize an Allen Bradley controller and a custom high speed current sensor to verify that each connection is made. Special test fixtures are used to actuate switches and levers to exercise all of the circuits in a wiring harness. Opens, shorts and the quality of a connection is verified using a high speed current sensor. Installed light bulbs can be tested for the operation of the bulb and verification of the load current.

HiPot Testing

HiPot testing of power wiring can be accomplished by using a commercial HiPot Test Set and our high voltage interface to the AB controllers and Current sensors.

A PC is attached that provides the bar coded labels with a serial number and test date and verification of part number that can be attached to the part or container. Accounting information, such as production totals for each hour, day, week and month for each specific part is available if database features are ordered.

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