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HSPCC (High Speed Programmable Current Comparater)

  • Uses a Built-in Precision Power Resistor
  • The Inductive Effects of the Resistor are Compensated For
  • Current Value is Compared to 4 Programmable Limits
  • The Outputs of this Comparison are a Dual High-Low Limit
  • AC Outputs are Optically Coupled, Zero Crossing Triacs
  • DC Outputs are Optically Coupled and Feature Pull-up Resistors
  • The HSPCC is Packaged as a DIN Module

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Delco TI Distributor Adapter (Pulse Amplifier) For SUN Distributor Tester Machines

  • Allows user to test 1964 - 1974 TI distributors on a SUN or Other Distributor Tester
  • Plug distributor into Pulse Amplifier cable
  • Distributor Machine (POINTS) clip to + and (GND) clip to - studs on Pulse Amplifier
  • Connect power leads from Pulse Amplifier to 12V Battery or 12v Power Source
  • Distributor Tester operates normally
  • Module is protected with an inline fuse and internal diodes.
  • Module Data Sheet Link
  • Packaged in rugged poylcarbonate 4" X 4" X 2" box

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