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Corvette FI Reproduction Parts:

Fuel Injection - Spider:

  • A new exact reproduction spider has been created to aid in the restoration of your '63 to '65 fuel injection unit.
  • Virtually identical in appearance to the NOS part. There are a number of improvements that are invisible from the outside to improve the system.
  • New anti-dribble valve; this improves the hot restart capabilities of fuel injected cars.
  • Tubing is formed in a precision fixture set.
  • Flow checked on a flow bench to insure correct operation and equal fuel distribution.
  • Kits include all supply and return tubes, new nuts, ferrules, "O" rings - everything you need.

These spiders are available from selected FI restorers.

Fuel Injection - Fuel Meter Covers:

  • A new exact reproduction meter cove has been created to aid in the restoration of your '57 to '65 fuel injection unit.
  • There are four pump covers. early 57, late 57, 58 - 64E, 64L-65.
  • Only the 57Late, 58 - 64E, 64L-65 have been repoduced as there are numerous 57E NOS units available.
  • The new covers are in apearance idential to the NOS part - complete with mold parting lines.
  • The material is a high streingth aluminum alloy with a color similar to the NOS part.
  • Selected areas are reinforced with out any change to outside features of the cover.
  • Float pilons are machined to the exact dimension to insure float alignment, needle seat alignment, and shutoff level.
  • CNC machined to insure a perfect fit.

Fuel Injection - Main Diaphram Covers:

  • Diapharam Cover - to aid in the restoration of your '57 to '65 fuel injection unit.
  • Perfect in every detail
  • Selectively reinforced areas to reduct warping and aid in a perfect seal

FI Parts Available

020-019K01 - 63 - 65 Fuel Supply Tube (sold in sets only)
020-019K02 - 63 - 65 Fuel Return Tube (sold in sets only)
020-019K03 - Spider Nut Kit
020-019K04 - 64 - E 64 Spider kit (Includes 19k01, 19k02, 19k03)
020-019K05 - 64L - 65 Spider kit (Includes 19k01, 19k02, 19k03. 19K06) (7017380)
020-019K06 - 64L - 65 Fuel Bypass Line (From Fuel Inlet to Solenoid)
020-019K07 - Fuel Nozzle Re-Sizing Kit (Includes Chuck, Drill)
020-019K08 - Fuel Nozzle Re-Sizing Kit (Includes Chuck, Reamer, Drill)
020-019K09 - Fuel Nozzle Re-Sizing Kit (includes reamer & drill
020-029A01 - Fuel Meter Cover (1957)
020-029A02 - Fuel Meter Cover (1958-1964 E.)
020-029A03 - Fuel Meter Cover (1964 L. -1965)
020-034K01 - 58 - 62 Rochester Fuel Injection Spider Kit ( 7017110 )
020-079A01 - 57 Rochester Fuel Injection Spider Tubes (sold in sets of 8)
020-079A02 - 57 - 62 Rochester Fuel Injection Pump to Spider Line (use a siphon breaker kit)
020-085A01 - Rochester Fuel Injection 57 - 62 Fuel Meter Main Diaphram Cover
020-085A02 - Rochester Fuel Injection 63 - E64 Fuel Main Meter Diaphram Cover
020-085A03 - Rochester Fuel Injection 65 Fuel Meter Main Diaphram Cover (not available)

Quality parts Designed & Manufactured in the USA by Craftsmen.


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Xenia, Ohio 45385
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