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'64L to '65 Spiders:

Complete New Spider Kit for Late 1964-1965 Corvettes:

Note: This is a picture of the '65 Kit. The '63 does not have the fuel bypass tube out the center of the manifold and does not include the bypass tube to the left.

Assembly & Tips:

To prevent assembly and operational problems caused by other tube connections and contaminated tubing, a complete set of fuel supply, return, and bypass ('65) are supplied in with each spider. Because of variations between these connecting tubes and between tubes of prior years a standard set of tubes are included with each the new spider kit. A set of connecting tubes are available separately, but a spider is not available without the connecting tubes kits.

One of the causes of leaks in the tubing is that the ferrule on the connecting tubes must be deformed to match the fitting it mates to and each time it is deformed it work hardens and becomes that much more difficult to seal and eventually results in leaking of fuel no matter how tight you tighten the fittings. The "O" rings supplied in the kit are "Viton" and not just cheap look-alikes as found in the hardware store, but are aircraft quality parts. This material is good at handling high temperatures in a fuel/oil environment.

Never reuse an "O" ring - it may look good but under pressure and tempe temperature it may not deform to perfectly fill all the voids between the tube fitting and the "O" ring seat in the pump body. This may cause a low pressure seep of fuel around the tubes. Request a few extra "O" rings with your order. Use them once and throw them away.


In all fuel injection systems the old saying "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" is still true. All new spiders and tube kits are carefully cleaned and inspected during manufacture, inspected before flow testing and again as they are cleaned and packaged for shipping. Contamination from debris in old tubing will make even a new spider fail. So when replacing a spider all fuel passages / lines up stream from the spider need to be cleaned or replaced (all new lines are included in the spider kit), the fuel pump needs to be inspected for foreign material, and the inlet fuel lines need to be cleaned and inspected, and the fuel filter needs to be replaced. Do not use TEFLON tape to seal threads as a small amount of tape can get through the system and will plug a spider or injector nozzle.&nb injector nozzle. A product called "LEAK LOCK" is available at refrigeration supply facilities, it is immune to gasoline and ethyl glycol and has a "Very Effective Chemical Resistance". A small amount of this on threads and the threads seal perfectly and if used sparingly it's blue color is invisible externally. "Leak Lock" is manufactctured by the HIGHSIDE CHEMICALS INC., Gulfport, Mississippi.

For example:

On a "65" with start fuel bypass solenoid, fittings should be cleaned, wiped down with alcohol, the threads inspected, the solenoid valve flushed with clean alcohol, dried, and a small amount of "Leak Lock" applied to the lead fitting threads and the fittings firmly installed in the valve in their proper orientation. With "Leak Lock" it is no longer necessary to wrench the fitting tight and over tighten them to get the proper orientation. It takes a little time for "Leak Lock" to set but once it does the joint is "sealed".


There is a "no questions asked" replacement of a spiders, tubes, or fittings if you are unhappy with any product. There is one exception: a spider returned for warranty replacement that has been contaminated, as determined by our postmortem, with foreign material will NOT be replaced FREE of charge. Please read the "Cleanliness" section.

Kit Contents:

What you get when you purchase a spider kit for your '63 - '65 fuel injected car:

  1. Each spider kit comes with the correct spider - includes new fuel manifold - anti dribble valve, spider tubes, fuel nozzle nuts and ferrules.
  2. New precision formed fuel supply tube kit (from pump to spider manifold).
  3. New precision formed fuel return tube kit ( from spider manifold to pumpd to pump).
  4. If your spider kit is for a '64L - '65 it will contain a new fuel bypass tube (from the bottom of the spider to the solenoid valve) fuel bypass tube kit (from the top of the fuel meter to the solenoid valve).
  5. All kits are complete with "O" rings and nuts and ferrules.
  6. It is important that the new tube and ferrules be used to install the new spider assembly.

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