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Corvette Tools

Trailing Arm Spindle Disassembly Tool

PN 010-00237


The Triling Arm disassembly is one of the most labor intensive maintence jobs on a Corvette. We had been able to disassemble triling from few hours to a few minutes. With the proper tools a difficult job is now easy and takes 30 seconds The new tools eliminate damage to trailing arm, spindle, disk brake mounting brakcet, and disk brake rotor on 63 to 82 Corvette. Reduces you labor time from hours to a fraction of a minute.

Unique Design:

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The Trailing Arm Disassembly Tool was desinged to allow dissassembly by one person without damage to any components, with a small press. This was accomplished by propely supporting the triling arm in the fixture.

The main fixture is designed to allow it to be used in a large number of small presses of different sizes. A drawing is provided for the user to make a few measurements and receive a fixture that will fit the press properly.

Example: A customer droped his trailing arm and ruined two of the newly installed studs. We were able to disassemble the trailing arm without damage to bearings or seals, press out the bad studs, install new studs in the axle flange,reassemble the trailing arm, check end play, and flange runout in 20 minutes.

A number of spindles have had the treads destroyed and once you get the nut off you cannot get the "spindle removal tool" to thread on properly.

A Spindle Rethreading Tools kit is available that includes a 1.5 in. 3/4 - 20 threading die, die extender, die handle (PN 010-00232K01).

Directions for use of the disassembly tool.

  1. Install the fixture into your press making sure the fixture is level and square with the press.
  2. The centerline of the fixture aligning with the press arbor center front to back and from side to side.
  3. Remove the cotter key and large nut holding the companion flage to the axle.
  4. Remove the companion flange.
  5. Remove the dust shield.
  6. Install a spindle removal tool by threading it on the threaded end of the axle.
  7. See the spindle removal tool in a previous page.
  8. Watch out for your feet as the axle will easily fall on your foot.
  9. Press the axle out of the trailing arm.
  10. Note:
    It is possible to exceed the load limit of your press and the trailing arm tool, failure to monitor the loads can result in personal injury, and equipment damage.

    This tool has been subjected to loads that far exceed the capability of a small press with a good safety factor.

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