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Corvette Tools

Small Rivet Tool Set

PN 010-0004


The small rivet tool set was designed to make replacement of small rivets used in the vent doors and in the heater plenum (inside heater box) a reasonable task. The rivet die is 1.00 inches and is designed so you can use � inch plywood scraps to support the part you are working on.

Unique Design:

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A special shape is used for the die to control the size and shape of the rivet head. This tool is designed for brass rivets as used by GM on the vent doors and heater plenum. A different die shape is required for steel rivets because the riveted head will not expand properly and make a tight riveted joint. The vent door is difficult because it is a sandwich of two thin steel plates and a dense foam gasket material. The door must be supported on blocks to clear the mounting tangs and the rivet head must be supported while the rivet is being set. The inside heater plenum contains a movable door and has a steel plate riveted to the fiberglass plenum to close it. The replacement of the rivets is rivets is difficult because you need to be careful not to crush the fiberglass. This tool make doing either rivet job easy.


If you have never riveted before it is advisable to try a few to get the feel for it. Brass and Steel rivets behave differently and this die set is for a brass rivet. It can be used with steel rivets but the riveted head will be smaller and may not hold as tight as the original brass rivets. It is desirable to set the rivet in one stroke as the rivet will harden and become brittle.

  1. Drill out the rivet to be replaced.
  2. Clean and paint parts before riveting.
  3. Use several small screws to align and hold parts together before starting to rivet.
  4. Place the rivet in the hole of the parts to be riveted together, making sure the rivet head is on the correct side.
  5. Support the parts by using wood blocks under the part.
  6. The die set must be firmly supported on a rigid surface.
  7. The rivet set tool is placed on the rivet.
  8. Use a vise, arbor press, or a rivet gun to set the rivet.

If these are not available, then a 16-oz to 2-lb hammer can be used to strike the set tool and setting the rivet head.

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