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Corvette Tools

Spindle Removal Tool

PN 010-0007


Click to expandThe Spindle removal tool was designed and improved because of the damage to my Corvette's axle while using a competing tool. To see the difference, check the depth and consistency of the threads in the threaded end. Most tools do not have full depth threads that extend evenly to the end of the hole, and they do not control the depth of the hole accurately to insure even load distribution to the shoulder and to the end of the axle. The results of using an improperly designed tool are bent or distorted threads that ruin the axle, even when a die is used to repair the threads on the stud, it is still not the same axle.

Improved Design:

This spindle removal tool is designed to be used in a press or with a hammer and has two important design improvements. The threads extent to the end of the threaded hole and will not damage your spindle threads as competing tools do. The threaded hole depth is a tightly controlled dimension that allows the distribution of the load to the shoulder at the spline. In some cases a small shim washer may be required to make sure that the load is applied to the shoulder of the spline and not to the end oend of the threaded shaft. This is due to the manufacturing tolerance of the axle thread.


  1. On a stable surface jack up and support your Corvette at the factory hard points. Give yourself an adequate amount of work space.
  2. Remove the rear half shaft by removing the bolts at the differential mounting flange, and the bolts at the axle mounting flange.
  3. Remove the drive shaft by pulling the top of the tire outward.
  4. Remove the cotter pin from the castle nut on the rear axle.
  5. Clean the threads with a wire brush and soak the axle threads with a good penetrating oil.
  6. Have a second person apply the brakes and you can remove this nut with a two foot breaker bar and 6 point socket. (The 6 point socket is recommended to prevent rounding of the nut).
  7. Remove the rear tire / rim assembly.
  8. Remove and support the rear caliper assembly. - Consult your Corvette Shop Service Manual.
  9. Using a small wire brush remove all corrosion, and accumulated grease / dirt from the 3 / 4" threaded end of the Axle.
  10. Soak the Axle spline and companion flange with and companion flange with a good penetrating oil.
  11. Install the tool on the threaded stud. The tool should screw on easily by hand.
  12. Check to make sure that the tool bottoms against the shoulder of the spline. If it bottoms out on the end o on the end of the threaded stud, use a 3/4 inch shim washer or other appropriate shim to make sure that the load is on the shoulder and not the end of the threaded stud. This is important because failure to do this could result in damage to the 3/4" threaded end of the axle.
  13. Use a press or a 3 to 5 lb hammer to drive the spindle out of the rear bearing supports.

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