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Corvette Tools

Corvette Tools

Shock Absorber Removal Tool

PN 010-0005


The shock removal tool was designed after using a similar product that ruined the threads on my shock bracket while removing my shock absorbers. The tool consists of a mild steel bar with a 3/4 inch wrench slot.

Unique Design:

Click to expandThis tool uses a unique design that allows the threads to be machined to the bottom of the mounting hole.

The depth of the hole and the diameter of the tool are designed to remove the load from the shock mounting bracket threads. This prevents damage to the threads. Incomplete internal threads in competing tools will deform your shock mounting bracket threads at the end. You then need to remove metal from the threads with a die, weakening the threads.

The wrench slot is designed for a 3/4 inch wrench - usually the largest in a wrench set.


  1. Remove the nut holding your shock mounting bracket.
  2. Clean the exposed threads of the shock bracket.
  3. Put a drop of motor oil on the threads.
  4. Install the tool, turning 3 complete revolutions before using a wrench to tighten the tool.
  5. tool.
  6. Once the tool is seated, drive the shock mounting bracket out (this may be best accomplished with a 4 lb hammer).

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