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Companion Flange Reinforcement Plate

PN 010-0002


Click to expandWhen removing the U-Joint from a half shaft, many times the companion flange will deform, locking the U-Joint bearing caps in the companion flange. Application of a larger force will permanently deform the companion flange and crack the flange in the thin cast cross section. By bolting the companion flange securely to the reinforcement plate the bending of the companion flange can be kept to a very minimum and the U-Joint can be removed and installed without damage to the flange.

Unique Design:

The reinforcement plate is designed to be bolted to the companion flange during removal and installation of U-Joints. The companion flange mounts to the reinforcement plate using the same bolts that are used to mount the companion flange to the axle flange. A radial relief is cut into the plate to accommodate the radial ring on the companion flange.


  • Clean bolts or use new bolts.
  • Apply a drop of oil to each thread.
  • Place companion flange onto reinforcement plate. The companion flange should fit free and flat to the reinforcement plorcement plate.
  • Install the bolts in the companion flange reinforcement plate and turn three revolutions.
  • Torque the bolts to 20 ft-lb.
  • It is recommended that the U-Joint Tool Set be used to remove the U-Joint.

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