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Corvette Tools

Drive Shaft Tool Set

PN 010-00211


When you are removing the U Joint from the drive shaft before repair or restoration, it is important not to deform the Yoke or to mark the drive shaft with you vice. The U-Joints may be frozen in place with rust and are difficult to remove. The plug and donut allow you to remove the U-Joints either with a bench vice or a press.

Unique Design:

Click to expand The plug and donut are sized to fit your drive shaft and feature a large chamfer to make alignment easy.

Directions for use of the disassembly tool.

  1. Mark the differential flange and drive shaft

  2. The differential and dive shaft are balanced and the orientation is critical.

  3. Remove the keepers J Clip from drive shaft ends.

  4. Support the drive shaft on the donut

  5. Using the plug press the U-Joint Cross and bearing journal out.

  6. Using the Cross and plug press the second bearing journal out.

  7. Never use a U-Joint with a grease fitting - they are weak.

  8. Install the first bearing bearing journal and insert the cross

  9. Press the second Bearing journal into the drive shaft Yoke.

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