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Corvette Tools

Trailing Arm Bushing Installation Tool

PN: 010-00184A02, 010-00184A03

New Design:

The new assembly tool is designed to produce a perfect flair, control the bushing compression and eliminate deformation of the trailing arm. To accomplish this a new assembly tool was designed, a new sleeve and reinforcement plate (washer) were designed bher) were designed based on original parts removed from an original car. The assembly tool holds the bushings, reinforcement plates, and sleeve in perfect alignment during the press operation. Compression dimension is controlled by the die set, when fullfully compressed the dies come together and prevent bushing destruction and trailing arm bending. It is a one step process - align, flare, limit compression in one step - works every time .

010-00184A02 - The install tool is used with a press and used 1/2 SHCS to keep tool aligned.

010-00184A03 - Install tool is used with a press and uses 1/2 dowels for alignment. It is to bolted into a press to reduce the assembly time.

010-00184K01 - Two Bushings, two reinforcement plates and sleeve kit.

010-00184K02 - Two reinforcement plates and sleeve kit.

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Safety First:

When you use any tool you need to wear eye protection, and appropriate clothing to protect yourself and others, and to prevent damage to the item under repair, other equipment and tools. Hard tools such as sockets should not be used to press or hit with a hammer because they will fracture and the shrapnel can cause personal injury.

After the part has been removed it should be cleaned and carefully inspected for damage such as cracks, distortions (bending etc.) and corrosion. If the removed part is not good then a replacement should be procured and the defective parts destroyed.

    Note: Bushings such as Volunteer Vette Products and GM have been tested and produce perfect assemblies.
    Other sleeves are not to be used, this includes the current GM part. They are too short. made of the wrong material, incorrect ID and are not compabable with the tool set.
    Sleeve 010-00184M12 has been fully tested and produces a perfect flare and fit.

Tools you will need:

  • Jack

  • Jack Stands

  • Wrench set - open / box end.

  • ½ in socket set.

  • hydraulic press. ttom: 0in">hydraulic press.

  • hacksaw or saws-all.

  • 3# hammer for shock removal tool.

Parts You will need:

  • Two new triling arm bushings.

  • Two new reinforcement plates (Washer).

  • One new sleeve.


  1. On a stable surface jack up and support your Corvette at the factory hard points. Giving yourself an adequate amount of work space.

  2. Remove the shock attaching bolts.

  3. Remove the shock and shock bracket using a "shock removal" so you do not damage the shock bracket threads.

  4. Using a small pry bar on the outside strut rod to remove the rod from the bearing hub.

  5. The wheel assembly will want to rotate inward and should be blocked-up to prevent movement.

  6. Remove the half shaft from the companion flange.

  7. Remove brake calipers and support using a cord or wire.

  8. Remove the cotteE="margin-bottom: 0in">Remove the cotter keys from the front trailing arm attchment bolt.

  9. If parts are severly rusted you may use a saws-all to remove bolt.

  10. Remove the Castle nut holding trailing arm bolt in place, remove the lock washer and flat washer.

  11. Count the number of shims and measure the thickness for future assembly.

  12. Remove the bolt with a brass punch - note the bolt has a small nipple on the end - use a soft punch.

  13. Remove the old bushings using a hack saw or saws-all there is nothing to be salvaged but stay away from the trailing arms.

  14. Clean the trailing arms and paint if desired.

  15. Install two new bushings into holes in trailing arms.

  16. Install a new sleeve and reinforcement plate onto the tool base post.

  17. Place trailing arm on new sleeve and place a new reinforcement plate onto sleeve.

  18. Install SHCS from top of plate to bottom of plate. The bottom of screws shall be flush with botom of tool. flush with botom of tool.

  19. Inspect the location of the washer and sleeve and recenter if necessary.

  20. Lubricate the face of the die with a good molly grease - spareingly.

  21. Insert tool and trailing arm into press, align the press ram with the top die center.

  22. Press the part - when the operation is complete the two dies meet and the pressure or force on the press increases dramatically.

  23. Remover trailing arm from the press and remove the tool.

  24. Inspect the perfect flare and note that the sleeve and reinforcement shall be flush. I not use a file and trim the sleeve flare.

    Like any fine tool you should take care of it. Clean it and coat with oil to protect the finish and store in clean, dry tool box.

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