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Corvette Tools

Body Rivet Tool Set

PN 010-0001


The body rivet tool set is composed of two parts and was designed to make the replacement of the � inch flat head body rivets easier. The goal was to maintain the head cross-section for maximum strength while reducing the possible damage to your fiberglass body.

Unique Design:

Click to expandThe design allows the user to set the two most common large rivet applications used in the mid year body.

The bucking bar has two reliefs: one for normal use and one for the close corners. The rivet set bar has a hole in each end to control the expansion of the rivet. The face of one end is smooth for the first type of rivet application. The opposite end of the set tool is relieved to accommodate the #10 alum. washer for the second type of rivet application.

The first application is where a steel bracket is riveted to the body using a steel backup plate, such as the seat mounting brackets and body reinforcements.

The second application uses a rivet to mount a metal plate to the body and a #10 aluminum washer for backup, such as the luggage barrier plate behind the seats and some trim mounting brackets.


  1. Center punch the rivet head to be removed.
  2. Drill a pilot hole in the center of the rivet with a 1/8 inch drill, and following with a 3/16 inch drill.
  3. Use a blunt screw driver or chisel against the rivet head and "tap" the tool with a small hammer and the head of the rivet should shear off.
  4. With a 1/8 inch pin punch, punch out the rivet core.
  5. Remove all of the debris from the hole and clean with a solvent such as mineral spirits. You are ready to set the new rivet
  6. Inset the rivet into the mounting hole and have a helper hold the bucking bar on the rivet head.
  7. Place and hold the body bracket on the rivet.
  8. Using the rivet set tool and a 1 lb hammer, set the rivet. The force required depends on the rivet material.
  9. The rivet should be deformed and head mushroomed to match the set tool cavity.

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