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Corvette Restoration Parts Tech Article

Background: Clock fuse for all cars with a mechanical clock or an electronic clock movement. This is the fuse that the manufacture left out and its omission is responsible for numerous car fires. This is especially true of cars that are stored or infrequently driven. The winding mechanism of the clock is a solenoid that is triggered every so many clock ticks. The spring drives a ratchet. When the clock is ready to be rewound the points close and solenoid rewinds the clock main spring. The problem comes about when the battery voltage is low and the solnoid does not have enough current to rewind the main spring. The points stick closed and the solenoid turns into a heater and burns up. The worst thing that can happen is the wire feeding the clock (gray wire) burns up along with the wiring harness under the dash.

At this point the clock is ready for a rebuild and maybe a lot other parts to repair the damage. For NCRS purposes the clock can be restored and put back to its origional condition. A quarts movement can be installed, a quarts movement that acutually makes the second had tick is available. Now that I have spent a lot money rebuilding the clock what do I do to protect the clock and wiring harness.

1.Add a knife switch to your battery.
2.Add an inline fuse to your clock. It is hidden and cannot be seen by a Judge.

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The clock fuse kit is completely Assembled and comes with:
1.fuse holder
2. 1 Amp fuse
3. male and female connector.

Unplug your wire harness from your clock
Plug the clock fuse into the wire harness
Plug the clock fuse on to the male tab protruding from the back of the clock.
You will never have to worry about your clock again.

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